Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common health problem that affects 50% of Americans. It is thought to be caused by too much stomach acid, but that is not accurate and is the reason why decreasing stomach acid may give you temporary relief but not long-term results.

Related Symptoms:

-Burning sensation rising up from stomach into chest and throat (heartburn)

-Tightness in throat


-Feeling of food stuck in throat

-Bad breath


-Dental problems

Causes of Reflux:

-Immune Challenge

-Too many "bad bugs" in gut

-Diet high in processed foods and sugars (helps feed the bad bacteria)

-Food allergies or sensitivities

-Hiatal hernia (causing stomach acid to rise)

-Medications (particularly those to neutralize stomach acid)

-Low levels of inflammation in stomach lining

-Long Covid


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