Neck & Back Pain

Whether your neck or back pain is a low dull ache or a debilitating sharp pain, we can help you find the source of the problem.

Neck Pain:

-Can radiate down the arm and into the hand and fingers

-May cause a burning sensation, tingling, or numbness

Back Pain:

-May be a dull ache or sharp pain

-Can co-exist with spasms and twitches

-Might radiate down the leg through the sciatic nerve

Causes of Neck & Back Pain:

-Subluxation (a bone out of place pinching a nerve)

-Muscle spasm due to a nutritional deficiency

-Herniated disc due to an accident, injury, or long-term degeneration

-Internal inflammation due to toxicity

-Poor postureunction

-Poor posture

-Long Covid


Pain is any physical suffering or discomfort in your body...

Listen to Your Body

Our bodies are remarkable messengers, expressing their needs and concerns through subtle whispers we call 'symptoms.' From a slight ache to persistent fatigue, these signals hold the key to unlocking a healthier you.

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