Unique Specific Chiropractic

The practice of chiropractic addresses the alignment of your spinal vertebra and other joints. When you have bones that do not align in your spine or other joints, these can put pressure on the surrounding nerves and muscles, causing pain, stiffness or numbness and tingling. This is called a "subluxation." Chiropractic adjustments help to remove this pressure and therefore alleviate the pain and nerve irritation.

What is Unique Specific Chiropractic?

Our doctors will assess your body alignment “specifically” to your daily use. This means that the exact position your body is in (seated, standing, bending, lying, sports, “unique” position) when you experience the pain or dysfunction is the exact position your body will be tested in.

The treatment will then be tailored to you and your daily body use. The results are aimed at having your body hold your adjustments and decreasing your need for frequent repetitive adjustments.

How are the Results Different?

The result of the Unique Specific Chiropractic exam will demonstrate the exact cause and the exact solution to your health issue. If the findings show we can help you, a unique specific treatment plan will be discussed.

Can I Choose Maintenance Care?

Yes! Many of our patients choose maintenance care to prevent the damage that comes with daily wear and tear on your body. Think of regular dental check-ups.

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