Poor Sleep

Poor sleep can be debilitating. It affects your mood and productivity. Feeling exhausted and tired all day is not only frustrating but takes a toll on your health.

Types of Poor Sleep:

-Waking too early

-Waking from a full night of sleep but feeling exhausted

-Waking up several times during the night

-Not being able to fall asleep

-Falling asleep right away but then waking in middle of night for hours

Causes of Poor Sleep:

-Foods, caffeine, alcohol

-Hormone Imbalance

-Organ Dysfunction (bladder or digestive system)

-Aches and pains

-Restless leg syndrome


-Irregular sleep schedule

-Mind racing due to worry and stress

-Long Covid


Whether your neck or back pain is a low dull ache or a debilitating sharp pain, we can help you find the source of the problem...

Listen to Your Body

Our bodies are remarkable messengers, expressing their needs and concerns through subtle whispers we call 'symptoms.' From a slight ache to persistent fatigue, these signals hold the key to unlocking a healthier you.

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