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MetroEast Natural Healing knows education is the best tool for our patients to have a thorough understanding of how our bodies are designed to heal naturally. We also want our patients to know who we are, how we operate, and how we work with you to heal your body through personalized nutrition and detoxification.

7 Reasons Why You

Can't Lose Weight

Does this Sound Familiar?

I can't lose weight!

I've tried many programs without success!

I've lost weight, only to gain more back!

A specific part of my body can't lose weight!

Weight loss is too difficult and confusing!

I just want a way of eating that I can do the rest of my life!

Permanent weight loss is the Key!

However, there is no one answer because everybody's body has it's own special process to lose weight. This is why we developed the Customized Weight Loss Program.

A body's resistance to not lose weight or to keep it off is multi-dimensional.

Here are 7 reasons why:

-Too much food

-The wrong food

-A malnourished body

-Wrong combination of foods

-Wrong timing of eating foods

-Toxic load in fat that the body won't release because organs too sick

-Hormones off balance

Sound Confusing and Overwhelming?

Our Customized Weight Loss Program takes the guesswork out of the causes of resistant weight loss.

It will determine, based on your body's findings, what the causes are and the correct order to apply the therapeutic steps necessary to lose that difficult weight and keep it off!

"KEYS to this Program's SUCCESS"

The addition of Nutrition Response Testing which helps identify and safely remove the toxins interfering with your ability to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or push past a plateau.

Our Nutrition Coaching which will help guide you and support you toward success with education, application and accountability every step of the way.

Our Specialized Testing to evaluate where your body needs to start and monitor your continued success.

The Customized Weight Loss Program is not just another diet. It is a lifestyle change that is healthy and helps you not only lose weight but changes your eating habits so you can maintain the weight loss, enjoy eating, and feel energized and better than you ever thought you could.

Want to learn how you can start losing weight the healthy way with the

Customized Weight Loss Program? Contact us today! 651-771-1703

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