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Customized Weight Loss for Maximum Results!

Dieting is challenging, often leading to frustrating weight loss plateaus and disappointing results. However, low carbohydrate and keto diets produce ketones in the body, an alternate and more desirable source of energy than carbohydrates. The result is that the body burns more fat for energy, providing the kind of sustainable weight loss that is hard to achieve with a standard low calorie diet.

Both low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets biochemically reset the body to use our excess body fat for fuel while protecting the body’s active tissue, muscle, bones and organs. A low carb diet has many benefits and prepares the body to move into a ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet requires more weighing and measuring of food but will get the person into "ketosis" which means they are now fat-adapted and burning fat for fuel instead of glucose (sugar).On a ketogenic diet, a person will not only burn their fat stores for fuel, they will often experience more energy, mental clarity, less aches and pains, fewer cravings and virtually no hunger. When the body burns fat for fuel, there are no toxic byproducts left in the body. Instead, it leaves ketones, which is something the human body—particularly the brain— loves.

While the ketogenic diet is one of the best and healthiest ways to lose fat and reprogram the metabolism to continue using fat as fuel, everyone’s body is different and will respond differently to weight loss. Finding a customized weight loss program that incorporates weekly Nutrition Response Testing checks is vital for success. This helps the practitioner evaluate the progress of the client’s fat loss and identify toxins. The practitioner will then prescribe the appropriate nutritional product to remove the toxins safely so the body can continue its progress breaking the fat loss plateau. It is advisable to find a program that includes the guidance of trained health coaches to help navigate the process and support desired goals.

This type of program is especially effective for stubborn, hard-to-lose fat. The body is designed to survive; when unhealthy toxins and chemicals are introduced into the body, it will store them in the fat cells, the safest place to cause minimal damage. As a person loses fat, these toxins are dumped back into the body (the fat cells are storing a lifetime of toxins). If the body determines there are too many toxins, it will stop the fat loss until it feels it is safe again. This is where fat loss will hit that plateau or where a person experiences stubborn fat they can never seem to lose.

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