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The Health & Happiness Connection

Health and happiness are deeply interconnected. Years of research into the dynamic interplay between happiness and health have continuously verified the cyclical relationship between these concepts. It has been said that to be truly healthy one must also be happy and that there is no genuine happiness without health.

If someone is aiming to live an inspiring and fulfilling life, one must prioritize their health. Happy people tend to be healthier. Those with higher life satisfaction are shown to have higher immune system function and fewer chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and headaches. Studies demonstrate that they have a lower risk of preventable diseases. Positive well-being is also linked to a longer life expectancy and an improved quality of life.

There are many reasons for this. People that consider themselves happy have healthier lifestyles. Research shows that those with positive well-being consume healthier diets, are 50% more likely to eat fruits and vegetables, and are significantly more likely to be physically active. The health benefits of these habits are plentiful, including lower body fat percentage, improved energy levels, and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Though happiness may sometimes feel elusive, there are many strategies that one can utilize to increase feelings of wellbeing. Given the incredible benefits of happiness for mental and physical health, putting time and intention into these tools is well worth it. Nearly half of a person's capacity to experience happiness and fulfillment is set by intentional activity.

Useful tools include practicing daily gratitude, setting meaningful and attainable goals that bring a sense of accomplishment, and caring for those you love mindfully. People who describe themselves as healthy are happier than their peers. Those who are more satisfied with their health report experiencing a higher sense of well-being across all areas of life. Research continuously demonstrates the link between physical health and overall sense of life satisfaction and happiness. The habits and activities that improve one's state of physical and biochemical health improve the hormones and neurotransmitters that create a greater sense of happiness.

Prioritizing habits that support the health of the gut improves mental health and leads to a happier and more fulfilled life. Reducing the consumption of packaged, processed foods eliminates many food additives that disrupt the balance of the microbiome. This allows for a healthier immune system in addition to improved mental health. Eliminating sugar sweetened beverages leads to greater blood sugar regulation, allowing many metabolic functions to improve.

Focus on consuming ample protein, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and complex carbohydrates. Five to six cups of a variety of produce will provide the nutrients that all cells, especially in the brain and nervous system, need to thrive. Omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish, olive oil, and nuts and seeds support every cell in the body. Thirty minutes of movement on most days of the week is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and beyond.

The link between health and happiness goes far beyond simply feeling well. In the world of holistic healthcare, when a patient regains their health, the celebration is not just about someone feeling better. It includes what a healthy person can do and the inspiration they can follow in their life.

An 18 year old with a healthier immune system no longer suffers from multiple respiratory illnesses every winter, which means she can go off to her top choice university without worrying about getting sick. The kiddo who no longer has daily stomach aches can reach a new belt level in karate. The newlywed with improved hormonal balance and gut health can transition into married life with the exciting dreams of building a family. And a mother who has eliminated migraines and fibromyalgia pain can show up for herself and her loved ones in the way she desires.

Health and happiness build upon each other. Anyone seeking a life full of joy and fulfillment must nurture both areas. Implement daily, intentional habits to create physical, mental, and biochemical well-being.

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