Meet Anne Zimmerman

Anne holds a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy from New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies and is recognized as a Registered Traditional Naturopath with the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners. She completed her bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness and is certified in Holistic Nutrition and Functional Genomics through the NutriGenetic Research Institute.

Anne and her husband Tyler have 3 grown kids in their 20’s. In 2011, Tyler was diagnosed with brain cancer and everything she knew about health was turned upside down. His diagnosis sparked her interest in holistic healing and there was no turning back. She has since been on a mission, passionately researching and educating clients on natural approaches to aid in healing the body from complex illness.

She has worked as a Naturopath at a prominent alternative cancer clinic in MN and recently at a wellness center in TX helping clients balance hormones, rebuild digestive health, and uncover the root cause(s) of their health concerns. Anne and her family couldn’t stay away from MN for long and moved back home in Dec of 2023. She is thrilled to be a part of the team at MetroEast Natural Healing Center and is currently working towards completing her Advanced Level training in Nutrition Response Testing.

Anne is honored to help guide clients on their journey to wellness so they can feel their best and live out their purpose!

  • Nutrition Response Testing Clinical Practitioner
  • Doctor of Natural Health
  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist

"Helping people THRIVE as nature intended through natural health care and education."

Serving St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the entire Twin City Metro Area

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